A dastardly duel for two to four players.

Out now for iPad, Android, Mac, PC,, Ouya...
& now on Steam!


Gentlemen! is a frantic local multiplayer Victorian-themed deathmatch game for tablets and desktop computers. Go head-to-head with your frenemies in 19th Century England, settling your grievances with knives, bombs, deadly homing pigeons, and more. Want some gameplay videos? Go watch.


"The result skilfully combines the arcade immediacy of Super Crate Box with the weaponised chaos of Super Smash Bros, and VVVVVV’s instant gravity-switching..."

edge, 8/10

"It's addictive, wonderfully put together, and unlike almost anything else you're going to find on the App Store...under its smarts Gentlemen! hides a brilliant one-on-one battler."

pocketgamer, 9/10, Gold Award

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Explanation: The tablet version is for two players, sharing one screen. It is available for iPad and larger screen Android devices (7inch+). You can buy it from iTunes or Google Play. If it's not available for your device from Google Play, you can buy it along with the desktop version for the same price and install it yourself.

The desktop version is for 2 to 4 players, local multiplayer. Buying it from the widget to the right will give you a download link, and we'll throw in the Android version for good measure.

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