Welcome to Mujik,
a musical world for iPhone!

Explore sounds in a new and fun way with Mujik! Pick the books off the shelf, flip them open, and chase the dust mites across the page to make the music your own...or just float away on a sonic balloon...

Mujik screen shot: splash screen
Mujik Screenshot Mujik Screenshot Mujik Screenshot Mujik Screenshot

News flash! Boom boom boom! Mujik version 1.1.1 has been approved and is now waiting for you in the app store!

Download Mujik now on the iTunes store. Go there and download it now!

Do you want an iPhone app to make beats? And produce like totally awesome tracks with a zillion channels and plugins and automation and 808 simulators and stuff yeah? Oh. Well, this is not for you. Mujik is more than a music app - get away from fake sliders and buttons and enter the world of Mujik, with charming graphics, lovely music, and a wonderfully tactile interface. It’s not rocket science, it’s just fun.

New in version 1.1! Three brand-new original awesome loop packs by the absolutely wonderful Nick Janaway, Surachai, and Dave Meckin (aka Dave the Machine).

But that's not all! With version 1.1 you also get the ability to save your beautiful Mujik, the mysterious and incredible AutoMujik function, and more! Download it now, or check your iTunes for the update if you're already a mujician.

Mujik is brought to you by Lucky Frame, a small team of awesome people based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s lovely here, you should come visit.

You can get it from the iTunes store here.

Available on the App Store

And finally tonight...Mujik Classik! Free!

Mujik Classik! Free!

Yes, you read that right, available now on the iTunes store, Mujik Classik offers (some) of the wonderfulness of Mujik, all for the undeniably great price of FREE. Are you generally unconvinced of the value of paying for iPhone apps? Do you balk at giving poor struggling indie developers money? Good! Mujik Classik is for you!

Click here to download it now on the iTunes Store!

Oh wait, you want one of those fancy official logo link things? Okay! Here you go!

Available on the App Store







Mujik is available from the iPhone App Store right now!

Available on the App Store


  • Can I add my own sounds?
    Not yet! We’re working on it!
  • Can I save my creation?
    Yes you can! New in version 1.1, you can save your Mujik inside little jars. It's very lovely.
  • I love your app!
    Yay! Thanks! It would be awesome if you could review it on the iTunes store!
  • Your app sucks!
    Thanks for the feedback. Send us an email and tell us what you don’t like. Also, feel free to review it (a little constructive criticism goes a long way).
  • What else are you guys working on?
    Some of it is secret. Some of it is not. We just like working on fun musical things... check the Lucky Frame website for more information about us and what we do!

Want some help?

What do I do? What are all of these books?

  1. Turn the sounds on and off by flicking the switches in the top row.
  2. Each switch controls the sound of the book underneath it. Tap a red book to look inside. Have a play around, move the bugs and try tapping the arrow!
  3. Tap the little book logo to choose a new sound. Tap the lower right corner to return to the library.
  4. Tap a red book to control a repeating effect on the sound. It sounds great on drums!
  5. Hold down the picture frames to control the little balloon. Moving the phone controls the balloon and changes the sound. Weeeee!


Oh. You're from the press? Click here to download a press release. Get in touch if you have any questions!

Or maybe you want to know what the interwebs have been saying about us? Here are some cyberquotes:

Listed in the Gizmodo "Essential Apps Directory"!

At its heart, Mujik is a drum sampling machine. That description, though, doesn't do it justice: the interface is inspired and artistic, the instrument choices, albeit limited, complement each other beautifully. The end results are phenomenal, especially if you musical tastes lean a little toward right field.

from Create Digital Music:

Musical technology is often designed to be “hard” in character. Interfaces are cold and technological-looking, futuristic like spaceships, or made to replicate antique gear to make guitarists feel nostalgic. Musical interfaces consciously avoid anything “childish” – calling something a “toy” being the worst possible insult – and they’re certainly never whimsical. That’s why the real news about Mujik isn’t that it’s a new iPhone app, or that, after a few weeks of teasers, you can download it today on the iTunes store. The news is that it’s a musical interface with lightning bugs.

from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW):

Every so often something hits the App Store that is interesting but difficult to explain. At the same time, it is enjoyable to use, and you tip your hat to the people who thought it up, even if it has no real practical use.


If you have been intimidated by sophisticated music creation tools available in the appstore, you should definitely give Mujik a go. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to begin creating music.

Apps Addicts: 10/10 review!

This app is very difficult to explain, but so simple and entertaining to use. It is sure to entertain anyone who tries it out for hours at a time. The basic rhythm playing behind the effects is so entrancing time will literally melt away and you will find a half hour has passed since you first touched the app and dove into it's world of rhythm.