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Play a world of music. Make it yours.

Wave Trip is a musical arcade game for iPad and iPhone. You control a mysterious and wonderful geometric astronaut as she travels through worlds of unimaginable beauty and danger, saving her friends through the medium of awesome tunes.

Players can create their own levels and share them with the world. Every object in Wave Trip has musical characteristics, so creating a level is just like writing a piece of music - just easier.

"...It's fun and challenging, and so deeply inspired by music that it's even structured more like an album than a game.". The Verge

"A beautiful, inventive piece of work."The Guardian

"...Lucky Frame has made something special. Give Wave Trip a chance to wow you - it's not likely to disappoint."Touch Arcade

"...Wave Trip is a magnificent creation that inspires and delights." Kotaku

"Wave Trip combines sound and vision in thoroughly unique and ingenious way. It's fun, clever, and a delight to play or listen to. Or both. Highly recommended."Cult of Mac

"Wave Trip is delivers an almost flawless gameplay experience and sweetens the deal even more with the level editor."148 Apps

"...Lucky Frame have democratized being Mozart with Wave Trip as creating beautiful scores takes only a slight sense of a beat to pull off."IndieStatik